Saturday, September 10, 2005

3Gbps hard drive transfer rate!

This is the Samsung SpinPoint P120, a SATA HDD with a capacity of 200 or 250Gb, 8Mb of cache and 7200rpm... nothing fancy you would say... I couldn't agree more, if there wasn't that NCQ (Native Command Queuing) technology that boost the transfer rate up to 3Gbps.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Revenge against snail mail spammers

Tired of getting spammed. Strike back against spammers. This is a great article.

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The Best Designer's Resource

1000's of links to FREE: Stock Photography, Vector Clip-Art, Fonts, Logos, Sounds, Photoshop Brushes, Poser DLs, Text Generator, Patterns, Color Tools and other Random Stuff.

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College Student Beats Microsoft in $143.50 Legal Battle

After selling unopened copies of Windows XP and Office that both the store and Microsoft refused to allow him to return, 21 year-old college student David Zamos was surprised to find out that he'd been sued by Microsoft. Rather than just take it, he fought back, beating Microsoft into submission without so much as hiring a lawyer.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Inside the iPod nano

Leave it to the Japanese to dissect a new product before most people can even get their hands on one.

(not a dupe because the link actually works)

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Future of Java

Once just a magical element on the client side for artists and developers, the Java language has become an essential component of server-side computing.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OSx86 Project Guides hidden from Apple

A while back, Apple issued an order to have all the guides removed. The OSx86 Project team did removed the links and the Guides section on the menu. However they never really removed the guides. "Enjoy" them while you can.

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Google to Microsoft: Watch Your Desktop

If Bill Gates ever had reason to doubt that the brash young billionaires of Google were out to get him, the time for such uncertainty is now officially over. Last month's dramatically revised version of its program Google Desktop is a glove slap across the face of Microsoft's fabled chief software architect.

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Open Source Skype Alternative

This open source alternative to skype brings to the table the ability to establish sip calls, send SMS, video conference, and automatic NAT configuration. Stable client for windows only, but they also have a Linux, OSX and WinCE clients.

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Comparison of different SQL implementations

A review of how PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle implement the SQL 2003 standard.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Writing Your Own JSF Components

We have created this unique first of a kind tutorial that shows you step by step how to create your own custom JSF components.

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Chinese site claims existence of GoogleOS

According to The Inquirer, some Chinese website has published screenshots of GoogleOS. Yes, you read that correctly: GoogleOS. Supposedly based on Linux and available in free and paid-for versions. The end of Microsoft^H^H the world as we know it?

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South Korea doesn't love Google long time

The new "GoogleEarth" program was given a big Thumbs Down by the South Korean government when they found that images of their militray bases and official residences were readily available to anyone INCLUDING North Korea. The South Korean presidential spokesman plans to "raise concerns with US"

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Windows Vista Pricing - $99?

In an effort to reduce piracy, and convince users to not only upgrade their computers but also their OS, Microsoft is expected to dramatically reduce the price of its OS.

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Flash video tutorials

Free video tutorials! Good stuff.

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Discovering Ubuntu Linux

Read how a avad Windows user tries out Ubuntu Linux for the first time and dumps Windows for two weeks.

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Napster connects to

I've just downloaded and installed napster for their trial weekend. After starting Napster, Sygate firewall caught it trying to connect to! Screenshot included.

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Affordable hydrogen fueled cars - Never buy gas again!

I've been watching this develop for about a year and it seems to be nearing production. This converts your EXISTING car to run on hydrogen, and best of all, they give you a hydrogen generator that you can run at your own home for little to no cost. Even if you aren't interested in this kind of thing, it's still a good read, plenty of pictures ;).

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This is an incredible online flash game that everyone should try at least once.

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REVERSE DICTIONARY: Describe a Concept, Get a Word

Reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word. In most cases you'll get back a list of related terms with the best matches shown first.

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Awesome bluetooth iPod headphones from Logitech

Listen to your music in style�no wires attached! Logitech´s Wireless Headphones for iPod® use advanced Bluetooth� frequency hopping technology for interference free, crystal clear audio.

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Refilling Ink Cartridges Now a Crime?

The Ninth Circuit has created box-wrap patent licenses. Now the label on the box that says "single use only" is given force of law, and if you refill the cartridge you are liable for patent infringement.

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Kazaa Case Reaches Climax in Australia

A long-running court battle between Australia's record industry and file-swapping giant Kazaa reaches a climax Monday, when a judge is to rule on whether the peer-to-peer network is no different from a photocopier or is a giant "engine of copyright piracy."

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How to Win an Argument - an effective article

This awesome article tells you how to handle the difficult situation and win any argument when you find that the other person is trying to pigeonhole you into a negative role and trying to prove himself right.

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experiments with Cascading Style Sheets

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina-themed malware attack hits the net.

Hurricane Katrina is bringing out the worst in people on the net as well as on the streets of New Orleans. Spam emails purporting to offer links to news about Katrina are been used to tempt potential victims onto a site hosting Trojan malware.

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Free Proxy that doesn't give you millions of pop ups!

This Free Proxy only makes you look at 1 ad or website to use their Anonymizer. Plus their free anonymizer does not block images! They also have a pretty accurate Internet speed test. I used it and had to share it with the rest of the world.

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NFL - Manning brothers join relief effort

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Peyton and Eli Manning, who grew up in New Orleans, helped unload boxes of relief supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina and stopped at a Red Cross shelter on Saturday. The brothers were part of a flight that transported 31,000 pounds of nonperishable items, including baby formula, diapers and water to the area affected by the hurricane.

NCAA Football - No. 20 Arizona St. 63, Temple 16

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) - There's a new kid in the high-powered Arizona State offense. Freshman Keegan Herring rushed for 134 yards on 12 carries in the most prolific debut by a running back in school history and the 20th-ranked Sun Devils beat Temple 63-16 in Thursday night's opener. Sam Keller threw four touchdown passes, two to Derek Hagan, then sat out the final quarter while Arizona State finished off the Owls' 22nd consecutive loss to a ranked team and ninth straight defeat on the road.

Aid in Katrina's Aftermath

Red CrossLast Monday life was turned upside down for millions of people when the unprecedented Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Now we think of our friends, our families, and all others who have fallen victim to this massive devastation.

This post is for all the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama who have lost so much over the last three days. They will lose much more in the coming months and endure great hardships. They need our help.

Every action—big or small—makes the difference. Please lend a helping hand to our fellow Americans today.

Or find your local chapter at:

Give Katrina Victims $1 For Free

Go to the site, click the check box, and hit donate. Clorox is sponsering it.

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The worlds first consumer notebook computer

Processor: 6.8GHZ CPU (AtomChip® Quantum® II processor or 4 x Intel® Pentium® M processors 1.7CHz)/ Memory: 1TB Quantum-Optical non-volatile RAM (NvIOpSRAM-SODIMM 200-pin) / Storage: 2TB non-volatile Quantum RAM (NvIOpRAM-ATA IDE

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Internet Addiction Test

How do you know if you're already addicted or rapidly tumbling toward trouble? Everyone's situation is different, and it's not simply a matter of time spent on-line. Some people indicate they are addicted with only twenty hours of Internet use, while others who spent forty hours on-line insist it is not a problem to them.

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10 Must have Gadgets

If you had only 10 gadgets, these 10 would have most of the tech bases covered. The hottest new addition to our list is Nokia's N90, a morphing multimedia phone to end all morphing multimedia phones. In at number six is Sorell's SF3000 flash MP3 player, with an astounding feature set for such a tiny player.

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Xbox 360 - HD Trailer Blowout!! Check these out!!

Team Xbox has been nice enough to put together a page of 18 High Def WMV trailers! Quake 4 looks amazing; also has CoD 2, Full Auto, and so much more!

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old gass stations cannot raise gas prices

pumps at some older gas stations connot have price set higher than 3 dollars

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How Microsoft is Helping Katrina Victims

According to this page on Microsoft's site, they have already donated over $1 million and "made three buses fully equipped with satellite communications systems available for use as relief operation centers".

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Lego men build a PC

Some guy has made a slideshow that shows the problems his lego men had building his computer for him. Hilarious!

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Paypal Freezes's Katrina Donations Account

Well, after breaking the $20,000 donation mark, Paypal decided to shut down the donation account. No warning, no customer support, no chance to fix anything. Why? Here's their reason! (please read comments for add. info)

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Microsoft Blasts Massachusetts' New XML Policy

Microsoft is lashing out against a revised IT policy planned by Massachusetts that would kill the use of Office in state agencies unless the company adopts the OpenDocument file format.

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The International Space Station runs on 16 year old computers chips.

Yes, at the heart of the ISS Command and Control Computers are 80386SX chips, introduced in 1989. No Quake for them!

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Fresh New Start