Friday, October 14, 2005

EU says internet could fall apart

The British "Guardian Unlimited Technology" site reports that the internet could "fall apart" as early as next month if the European Union (EU)doesn't get it's way to take the DNS system away from the USA.

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Apple's REAL plan for the IPod Video

Interesting take on what Mr. Jobs and Co. plan on doing...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Robot rental service

SECOM Co., Ltd. has developed the "SECOM Robot X," a security robot to monitor around buildings such as schools, housing complexes, plants etc. The service charge is expected to be ¥300,000 per month ($ 2750) for combined use of a robot and a surveillance system which is 50% cheaper than the cost of hiring a security guard on 24 hour service.

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Charge your electronic devices WIRELESSLY!!

A company called Splashpower has come up with a way to wirelessly charge your electronic devices using electromagnetic induction.

10 things you shouldn't buy new

"Why waste money on shiny packaging and a fancy store when you can get it 'pre-owned' for a fraction of the cost? Here are your best buys."

Worlds first web site hosted on a psp!

This is cool! The entire site is hosted on some ones psp!w00t!

Free replacements for Adobe and Macromedia programs...

Here is a nice compilation of applications that can almost replace most Adobe and Macromedia applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign and many more. Most of these are geared for linux but most of them are on all platforms. Hope this helps.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Microsoft to Linux - "No Office for You!!!"

Microsoft Corp. is not going to release a version of its Office suite software for open-source rival
Linux, although the company is actively studying how Linux works and how it can integrate with the platform, a Microsoft representative said Wednesday.

Two new iPods and at least four new Mac configs due Wednesday

Two new iPods, each available in two colors, will debut at Apple's media event Wednesday, sources have tipped Think Secret. The new models will be priced exactly the same as the ones they replace at $299 and $399.

Inspirational CSS Designs

Design Shack offers regular examples of great CSS, standards based design to help inspire and create. They feature any website which shows off some flair, and doesn't fit into the standard pattern we come to expect from CSS design.